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Motion Graphics

Center for Building Knowledge at NJIT (2021-2024)

I worked as a Motion Graphics Animator for the Center for Building Knowledge at NJIT.

I created animated explainer videos for various programs and incentives related to urban development and sustainable energy. 


My responsibilities included storyboarding from scripts provided by clients, creating assets to be animated in Adobe Illustrator, and animating in Adobe After Effects. I also edited audio, created subtitles and added finishing touches in Adobe Premiere.

Featured are some highlights from three series: Community Solar (2022), Renew Wall (2023), and Heat Pump Explainer (2024). 

Coffee Man (2021)

A looping animation I created in school about the endless cycle of caffeine addiction!

This animation showcases my ability to create a puppet with Adobe Photoshop, then rig and animate it in After Effects.

I created 10 different puppets for this animation.

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