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3D Art

3D Reel

AMMONITE Trailer - Collaborative Design

This AMMONITE Trailer is a collaborative work between myself (Digital Designer), Constance Chu (Interior Designer), Soraya Abellard (Digital Designer) and Kevin Masbang (Industrial Designer). This is our interpretation a trailer for the book Ammonite by Nicola Griffith. Scenes were rendered in Maya and Revit and compiled with Adobe Premiere. Voice acting was done by Merideth Nikirk. 

My primary responsibilities included modeling, rigging, texturing and animating the main character Marghe, as well as modeling, texturing and rendering the Olfoss Tree environment.

Olfoss Trees

Olfoss is an forest area in the alien planet Jeep where the citizens live inside alcoves in the trees. My interpretation of these alcoves is something similar to bonsai trees, where the citizens have manipulated the tree's growth or genetics to create these alcove shapes naturally.


This is the main character, Marghe, who is sent from earth to investigate the planet Jeep. She does an immense amount of travelling and fighting in the book, and there is an iconic scene where she is stranded in a tundra with her horse and must use the horse carcass for shelter. 

Other Contributions

Soul Food

Character Design and Models - Kanin and Fe

“Soul Food” is a short film that tells the story of a girl who avoids being eaten by a monster by feeding him home-cooked food she packed!

The film is meant to evoke a mood that is emotional, nostalgic and magical like a fairy tale. I am heavily drawing inspiration from ancient and modern Filipino culture for the setting, props, costumes and cuisine.

Character Design and Models - Kanin and Fe
Environment - Tropical Ancient Philippines